Sri Lanka holds first hybrid international arbitration hearing

wtc on September 16, 2020

The ICLP Arbitration Centre successfully facilitated the first-ever-virtual hybrid international arbitration hearing in Sri Lanka at the International Arbitration Centre at Level 22, West Tower, World Trade Centre, Colombo 1.

This hybrid international arbitration hearing was a collaboration between the Hybrid and Virtual Hearings Solutions of Maxwell Chambers of Singapore and Opus 2, Singapore and the local technological provider Dynamic AV Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.


In the circumstances owing to COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid arbitration hearings are the most preferred and innovative method of conducting arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.


This is mainly due to the current restrictions on international travel and physical attendance at hearings and proceedings. A global hybrid hearing will allow the participants to conduct arbitration hearings and alternative dispute resolution proceedings using a combination of physical and/or virtual attendance.


The connectivity is via a remote platform including realtime court reporting, breakout rooms via secured chat boxes, technical support before and during the hearing with technical rehearsals, ongoing monitoring and cyber security measures.


Looking to the future, such global hybrid hearings will be the new normal and by removing the need for international travel and attendance at specific locations, hybrid proceedings provide for a number of economic and environmental efficiencies as well.


The ICLP has entered into a joint venture with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce to establish the CCC- ICLP ADR Centre in order to develop and promote ADR mechanisms and cater to the commercial dispute resolution through the new CCC –ICLP ADR Center.


The proven capacity and expertise of the ICLP Arbitration Centre Secretariat with the proposed new Arbitration and Mediation rules of the ADR Center and the international expertise and training the ADR Centre receives from the Commercial Law Development of Programme of the US Department of Commerce and the CORE Justice programme of the USAID will further assist the ADR Centre to become a neutral international ADR hub in the region.

Taken from epaper.dailymirror.lk